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A Sculpture in Sigulda






I am the Director of the The English Ideas Project and an English language teaching consultant and trainer with McIlwraith Education.

I am the author of:

I am the Vice-President of the Latvian Association of Teachers of English

In addition I am a language auditor, an e-moderator and on-line educator, and a keen photographer and fly fisherman.

My qualifications include a Masters in E-Learning, and Diplomas in teaching English as a foreign language and in language school management from the University of Cambridge.

I am the founder of the The English Ideas Project: a project to develop a better pedagogical grammar of English, better resources, and encourage better teaching. This includes research in corpus linguistics of English for Specific Purposes.

Key Free Downloads

The Rough And Ready Guide to Teaching English Online in A Time of Coronovirus

A Brief Guide to Text Analysis and Corpus Linguistics

The Guide explores text analysis and useful tools, then introduces you to corpus linguistics and shows you how to build a micro-corpus and do things like produce a key word list.

Master's Dissertation: A comparative experimental study of face-to-face and web-based English for Special Purposes vocabulary learning

Professional English Active Notebooks for Students

Justice and Home Affairs Notebook

Police Officials Notebook

Border Guards Notebook [International Version]

and Justice and Home Affairs Reader

Employing Me

It's easy, just contact me by e-mail and we can discuss what your needs are.

What I charge depends on the project, the time available for preparation, the amount of travel etc.

I have a variable daily rate, but if I am away from home you will also have to cover the costs of travel (taxis, flights etc), hotel accommodation to a good standard and a per diem for incidental expenditures.

Projects, courses and seminars

I am looking for interesting and challenging projects to work on. I can offer courses and seminars in many areas: see more here.


I took all the photographs on this website during my project work in different countries.

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