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Tara Mountains


Decoration in Tara

Tara Mountains


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Zemgalian tribes


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English knights



Conference Presentations


Writing: Still a Key 21st Century Competency, LATE Annual Conference, Riga 23-24th August

Writing: Still a Key 21st Century Competency, British Council/LATE Summer School, Coping with Competences, 15th-18th August in Prieku─╝i, Latvia


Dependency Grammar, LATE Annual Conference, Riga 18-19th August. More information here.

Reading: the Deep Text and Dual Text Approaches, LATE Annual Conference, Riga 18-19th August. More information here.


Corpus Linguistics Research and Tools for Teachers and Students, 27th Communication Skills Workshop: Exploring Practices in language centre[d] contexts, Tartu, Estonia, May 14-16th

The Why of an Intelligence Corpus; and How: Ethical and Constructions Issues The Why Linguistics Conference, the University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia, May 7-9th


Language, Change and Teaching; the closing plenary of the LATE Annual Conference, Riga, 22nd August, in which I considered three aspects of our profession - language, change and teachers' teaching - and wove these three strands together into a reflective summation of the conference. More information here.

E-Learning: Differences, dimensions and options, Faculties of Philology of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and the University of Wroclaw 6th International Conference: Linguistic, Didactic and Sociocultural Aspects of Language Functioning, Vilnius, 25th April

The Associative Model, University of Latvia, 50th Artura Ozola Conference Riga, 20th March

Observations on English Vocabulary Size of 1st and 2nd Year MA Students [with Professor Vita Kalnberzina], University of Latvia, Riga 28th January


Inside and Outside the Bubble, 13th Latgale Annual English Language teachers' Conference, Daugavpils, 29th October

Watch This Space: Going Digital Made Simple, LATE Annual Conference, Riga 22-23rd August. More information here.

It is all in the mind, LATE Annual Conference, Riga, 22-23rd August. More information here.


Adding value to the learning experience, LATE Annual Conference, Riga, 23-24th August. More information here.


Being the best teacher you can be, LATE Annual Conference, Riga, 25-26th August. More information here.


Key Ideas & Short texts Poster Presentations, LATE Annual Conference, Riga, 19-20th August.

Oral testing formats and task types, Latvian Min. of Education, Riga, 22nd September


Using Short Authentic Texts, LATE Annual Conference, Riga, 21-22nd August


Why did summer go so quickly, was it something that I said? LATE Annual Conference, Riga, 22-23rd August


Fulfilling the Task: exam writing & speaking, LATE Annual Conference, Riga, 24-25th August

The distance between us, LATE Annual Conference Riga, 24-25th August


The English Verb, EATE Conference. Tartu. 5th November

Sustainability and Legacy Planning, BC PEP Annual Conference Belgrade, October

Reading Skills, BC PEP Bulgaria Conference, Sofia, 11-12th March


On-line Learning: Professional English for the Police, BC PEP Annual Conference, Zagreb October

The ELT Verb, LATE Annual Conference, Riga, 20-22nd August

The Estonian Professional English Learning System, BC Glasgow Conference, Glasgow 22nd July

Peer Review, British Council PEP JHA Conference, Warsaw 3-6th June

The Problem of Best Practice, British Council PEP JHA Conference, Warsaw 3-6th June

The CEF and the Estonian Learning System, British Council PEP JHA Conference, Warsaw 3-6th June

The Theory and Practice of e-Learning, 20th CSW, Pajulahti 14-16th May


The ELT Verb, 19th CSW, Taipalsa 22nd May

Using e-Groups for Teacher Training, 37th IATEFL Conference, Brighton 22-26th April

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