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Three Muses, Vilnius

The Three Muses, Vilnius


Tallinn Tower



Chrurch in Tripoli

Church in Tripoli



Jelgava, Latvia


Roman Arch

Leptis Magna


Scottish Loch






Tallinn Tower Hall




Parnu, Estonia


Slovenia Castle




1. Sites for English language learners

BBC World Service

This site has a large number of interesting radio programmes, which can be listened to on-line, as well as exercises for learners.

BBC World Service Learning English

This is the web page for learners of English and will give you access to a wealth of materials.

Learn English

A regularly up-dated British Council site where every activity is archived.

Learn English Kids

Learn English Teens

and Teach English

The Latvian Association of Teachers of English

2. Self-awareness


Belbin is the classic team role 'guru' and this site will introduce you to the concepts and there is the possibility to do a test to find out your preferred team role.

Learning Styles

This site (by Barbara Soloman and Richard Felder of North Carolina State University) has a learning styles questionnaire: 44 a or b questions which you answer and receive an analysis in return.

Temperament: different drums, different drummer

This site has a lot of information on four basic people patterns - Artisan, Guardian, Rational and Idealist - and 16 different types. There is a Temperament Sorter test for you to take.

Take a Jung Typology Test and receive a detailed personality analysis.

3. Reference materials

A huge site of quotes arranged alphabetically by author, but you can also search for quote of keywords.

The Gutenberg Project

The Gutenberg Project is a fascinating site containing text versions of classics such as Marcus Aurelius' Meditations. A huge resource for corpus linguistics analysis.

The Compleat Lexical Tutor

A site with a wealth of resources for teachers serious about vocabulary and vocabulary learning.


The Princeton University WordWeb site. You can search for the sense meaning of words.


The FrameNet project at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, California.


Scott Thornbury

Jeremy Harmer

Russell Stannard

Baiba SvenĨa

Phil's EFL Support

4. News and current affairs


The Daily Telegraph

The Guardian

The Independent

The Spectator

5. Hobbies

The Book Depository

Flyfishing for Beginners



Popular Mechanics

Faded Page

Bogdan Gawlik

Less Wrong


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