Independent Language Auditing

You spend a lot of money on language learning – either for yourself or for your company.

Are you sure you are getting what you need?

Are you sure you are getting the best quality?

Language training organizations often offer what they can supply – not what you might really need. These might be conventional solutions which suit them rather than you.

I offer a completely independent language audit of your language learning level and needs. As I will not be teaching you I do not have a vested interest in a particular solution. My report will reflect your real situation and will make unbiased recommendations of all your options for improving your staff and company’s language capabilities fast.

A language audit is an in-depth conversation with you about your language capabilities and your needs. I will test your current level using a computer adaptive test and conduct an extensive oral interview. We will discuss your learning styles, your time constraints and your previous learning background. Putting together all this information I will produce a clear and concise report reflecting your current situation and the options for you to choose from.

I am not offering to teach you or sell you a course so I am completely independent and might even recommend that you do not do a formal course but do other forms of learning.

My report will reflect all your options – both face-to-face teaching and on-line. I have over 22 years of teaching and examining experience in both the public and private sector, face-to-face and on-line so I know what your options are.

I can also evaluate the learning that you receive. If you do a language course I can test you at the end of the course to see what progress you have made – again completely independently.

An independent language audit will provide you with information about where you are at the moment, what options you have for future learning and can evaluate that learning. It will make dealing with schools and teachers easier and help you ensure the quality of what you are paying for.

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