Text Edit

I offer a fast, accurate, reliable and confidential text editing and proofreading service.

Your Guarantee

I will ensure that your English text is coherent, cohesive, grammatically correct and correctly spelled so that your meaning is clear and well-expressed.

The Editing Process

When I have received the text material and we have agreed a deadline, I use a paper and computer-based process which involves reviewing the text at least three times.
If there is something I do not understand in the translation I will check with you rather than writing what I think you mean. This avoids any misunderstandings or confusion and ensures that your meaning comes through.

Deadlines and Confidentiality

I always meet agreed deadlines and once the text has been delivered to your satisfaction I remove the text from my computer and e-mail to ensure confidentiality.


With my extensive experience of editing scientific and academic articles, history books, photographic magazines, art books, advertising copy and legal documents, as well as writing my own newspaper and magazine articles you can be sure that your text will be professionally edited. I am familiar with academic citation systems, e.g. the Harvard system, and with the differences between British and American English.


My clients have included the Estonian National Bank, Saatchi and Saatchi Latvia, RIXC, the University of Latvia and Swisscom. Examples:

Acoustic Space #15 Open Fields, Liepaja University and RIXC

Acoustic Space #14 Data Drift Archiving Media and Data Art in the 21st Century, Liepaja University and RIXC

Acoustic Space #12 Techno-Ecologies 2 Media Art Histories, Liepaja University and RIXC

Vita Kalnberzina (2012) Language acquisition models, University of Latvia

Acoustic Space #11 Techno-Ecologies, Liepaja University and RIXC

Acoustic Space #10 Networks and Sustainability, Liepaja University and RIXC

Acoustic Space #9 Art as Research, Liepaja University and RIXC

I can supply references upon request.